All-on-4 vs. Traditional Dental Implants

By Michael C. Fling, DDS on October 31, 2018

Digital illustration of fixed vs removable implant-supported denturesTooth loss can detract from a beautiful smile. But more importantly, it can have a tremendous negative impact on your chewing function and overall oral health. Patients who have experienced tooth loss can benefit from dental implants at our Oklahoma City, OK practice.

Here, Dr. Michael C. Fling explores All-on-4 vs. traditional dental implants so our patients can make well-informed decisions about their oral health.

About Traditional Dental Implants

If you are currently exploring teeth replacement options, you have most likely heard about dental implants. These small posts are embedded into the jawbone during an oral surgery procedure.

Implants are the only restorative option that replaces tooth roots. The posts stimulate the jawbone and keep it healthy, helping to prevent bone degradation over time.

Implants are versatile. In fact, they can serve as anchors for a number of restorations, including dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. In the sections below, we will explore full-arch teeth replacement options using dental implants.

Implant-supported Dentures and Bridges

When restoring missing teeth, patients have a couple of different options. Those who simply want more stability than what a conventional denture can offer may benefit from an implant-supported denture. This prosthesis attaches to dental implants rather than resting on the gums. As a result, they do not shift or slip out of place.

Patients missing up to four consecutive teeth can benefit from implant-supported bridges. These restorations consist of a row of artificial teeth that are attached to dental implants.

Patients who opt for either of these procedures must have strong, dense, healthy bone. They will also require a few months of healing time before the final restoration can be attached.

Generally, once the implants are placed, they will need to heal for approximately three to six months. During this time, the natural bone tissue fuses to the implants during a process called osseointegration.

Once the recovery period is over, the final prosthesis can be connected.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

The All-on-4 treatment method restores an entire arch of missing teeth using just four implants. This particular technique, however, is designed for patients who have sustained bone loss.

When the implants are placed, they are positioned strategically to maximize existing bone. For example, two implants are placed vertically in the front portion of the jaw, and two are placed at an angle in the back portion of the jaw. This method equalizes bite forces across the dental arch.

For this reason, most patients can have the implants and a fixed temporary restoration placed during the same appointment. All-on-4 is a revolutionary treatment module that can significantly increase your eligibility for dental implants, even if you have bone loss.

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